You Should Be Watching Better Call Saul

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2018

Better Call Saul isn’t as action-packed as its predecessor Breaking Bad, but judging from the trailer, I sense that the writers got the memo and decided to pick-up the pacing.

Which, to be fair, they probably should do. There were a lot of complaints about the speed.

Personally, I just like how realistic it feels and how it manages to pull you in with the strength of the characters and their arcs.

Here’s my take on Chuck, Jimmy’s brother.

He’s a neurotic and cold old man. Rule-obsessed. He believes in the Law, not in Justice, but in the Law.

Jimmy, the main character, is more motivated by Justice than by the Law. He’s willing to bend or break the Law in the pursuit of Justice. He’s more of a rebel in this sense.

I can’t help but see in Chuck the archetype of the Northwest European White. Petty, atomized, stiff, rich and neurotic.

Jimmy is more like a non-Hajnal line White. Sketchy, nepotistic, rule-bending, poor and emotional.

Their brother’s war is a fresh take on the old Hajnal conflict.

Chuck hates his little brother for not being as obsessed with form as he is. Jimmy, on the other hand, is motivated by substance – yes, I guess that’s a good way of explaining it – and Jimmy tries to live up to his older brother, show him that he can also be a big, successful lawyer and constantly seeking approval.

This is just like the cargo cult mentality you get in Eastern Europe, where the people are always looking up to the more worldly, better-dressed and more established older brother in Western Europe.

Jimmy tries to get Chuck to reconcile with him in vain, just like, say, Russia tries to prove to Europe that they’re not savages by throwing a World Cup or an Olympic games. They can try, but it’s simply never enough.

Another point, Jimmy is plucky and resilient. Most importantly, he cares about his friends and family and puts them first.

Chuck is constantly looking to trip up Jimmy with the Law and get him into trouble because, again, Jimmy doesn’t sufficiently respect the LAW. 

Hell, I think about those families that disowned their kids when they found out they were Alt-Right, or told the police their kid was smoking blunts or refuse to help their kids stay in the house past eighteen and I wonder…is this not a metaphor for the nepotistic Eastern family vs the egalitarian Western family?

Another point, Chuck is suffering from a mental illness where he thinks that he’s allergic to electricity. His mental delusions cause him to self-harm and harm those around him. Chuck has this erroneous and damaging idea in his head, and everyone in the story treats him with kid gloves, because he’s acting like a total psycho and just causing himself unnecessary suffering for no reason…

Chuck is clearly infected with Cultural Marxism and the East watches with baffled concern, trying to understand how to stop their brother from harming himself further.


Two White Brothers, in many ways so similar, in other ways so different.

And when you see what Chuck does at the end of Season 3…well the metaphor really comes full circle.

I assume that in Season 4, Jimmy McGill adopts his Jewish name in the same way that red-pilled Whites start developing an in-group preference and tribal mentality. The metaphor will continue as we watch Jimmy become more Tribal – learning from Chuck’s mistakes trying to be a neurotic, equality-obsessed Western White.

By the end of Season 5, I assume that the show will make a prediction about the fate of Europe and the White World, so idk about you, but I’m going to keep watching.