Your Fat Daddy and Boss of the World Mike Pompeo Tells the World How It’s Going to Be in Venezuela

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2019

“I’m your daddy and I say get in my belly.” -Mike Pompeo, 2019 Address to the World.

Who the hell does this fat bastard think he is? Where did he get the right?

Oh right – Donald Trump gave him the right.

Donald Trump, apparently incapable of running his own government, appointed this fat, sloppy, weird fucker as “boss of the world.”


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said foreign nations – Russia, China, Iran and Cuba – must stay clear of Venezuela, so that the one foreign nation not on the list “can begin to do the work to rebuild that country.”

In an interview to Argentina’s Infobae website on Friday, Pompeo, who is currently on a four-day tour of Latin America, said that the nations that continue to stand by Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro should “leave.”

“Well, we hope every foreign power will leave. We want the Venezuelan people to control their own destiny. We think that would be best. In the end, I’m confident that the Venezuelan people will take back their country,“ Pompeo said when asked about the role that Russia, China and Iran play in the region.

One name was conspicuously absent from his list of “every foreign power,” though – the one power with a very clear-cut idea on which way Venezuelans should “control their own destiny.” The US has been openly calling for regime change in Venezuela, applying layers of sanctions and telling its President Nicolas Maduro to step down and make way for the US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido. Pompeo took the Friday interview’s opportunity to say it again.

“They [Maduro and his allies] need to leave Venezuela, and then we can begin to do the work to rebuild that country democratically, with free and fair elections, in a way that will truly restore the greatness that Venezuela once had,” he said.

Venezuela’s neighbor and closest ally, Cuba, has become a thorn in Washington’s side as Guaido struggles to regain momentum after the failed coup attempt on April, 30. The US has blamed the island nation for Guaido’s failure and bombarded Havana with rounds of punitive sanctions aimed at “severing ties” between it and Caracas.

“In the end, I think the Cubans are going to have a very difficult decision to make,” Pompeo said in Friday’s interview. “They have propped up this regime for an awfully long time. They need to leave. They need to go back.

This is just gibberish, of course.

The fat Pizzagate-looking piece of shit issues these threats every once in a bit in order to remind the world that he’s still trying to figure out how to start a war with the country.

It’s just necessary for the GOYIM to be reminded that there are “tensions,” so that if the opportunity arises to start a war, they can do it. At this point, the ongoing threats just amount to “keeping our options open.”

Seriously though: you can’t trust fat people, and we need a rule barring fat people from involvement in government and in public society, generally. In fact, we need laws banning fat people from buying food.

Fat people, like Jews and Instagram sluts, are a menace to the world.

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