Your New Flying Mommy Captain Marvel has Disgusting Foot Fungus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2019

Your new mommy will be flying into theaters in March to give you a lecture about your white male privilege – but when she shows up to shame you for having a penis and being genetically superior to a nigger, you’re in for a nasty surprise!

And no, it isn’t her squishy manlike dogface.

It is something much more nasty and surprising.

Thanks to imageboard foot fetishists, the internet has made a brutally shocking discovery.

You see, this new mommy is stricken with foot fungus, which has caused her toenails to rot.

How is it that a famous Hollywood actress has a tragic and tragically noticeable (by /tv/ foot fetishists) medical condition that is generally only a problem for the extremely elderly living in nursing homes and maybe people in third world slums?

I have no idea, but it demonstrates a shocking lack of self-care on the part of this woman.

People tend to think of women as “taking care of themselves,” but this is a misnomer. What they actually do is obsessively manage their appearance – but only in the laziest possible ways, generally relating to plucking facial hair and putting on makeup, or vomiting up a chocolate cake in order to remain thin.

Captain Marvel – who’s real life name is Brie Larson – apparently didn’t have the time to go to a clinical spa to get the laser treatment or to acquire the necessary creams that are constantly being advertised on Fox News to solve this issue.

She is probably unawares of internet foot fetishists combing over pictures of her feet on the internet, and just figured “fuck it, no one will notice my disgusting foot fungus, I can save time by not getting laser treatment – time which I can spend not doing squats.”

And doing squats she is not.

Talk about zero ass. A normal person would have a bigger ass than that just from walking to and from the car.

Which makes us wonder if this bitch may actually be so lazy that she uses an electric scooter to get around like those fat people at Walmart.

This is how lazy women are. All women are supposed to be concerned about looking good because their looks are their only value as women, but this particular woman is specifically paid to look good as a job. And she cannot manage an apocalyptic foot fungus outbreak, let alone do squats.

Which begs the question: is this disgusting, dogfaced, foot fungus, no ass whore really fit to be your new mommy?

Well, the Jews at Disney think so.

But the real question is: do the broken down estrogenized bugmen who frequent these films think so?

We will have to wait and see the ticket sales.

For the record, the bugmen have thus far held out against getting sucked into a Hollywood feminist lecture. The last time the Jews tried to bait the bugmen with this sort of thing was with Ghostbusters, which was considered one of the worst box office failures in history.

Looking at those women, I assume they also have serious foot fungus issues.

They did, however, take the bait on Disney’s Black Panther, and go get lectured about how black people are actually African kangz.

To be fair, though the cast of that film was a bunch of niggers, they were at least handsome niggers.

I assume those niggers have the decency and self-respect to not be ridden with foot fungus.

They are sort of the ideal nigger-forms, really.

Even the main female nigger.

I’m not going to call a nigger pretty, looking like she just swung down out of the trees, but I will say that she is what I picture Kurtz’ mistress looking like in Heart of Darkness.

Let’s just say if I was a slave owner and she was one of my field-pickers, I would give her to the Negro male who did the best shuck and jive performance.

She also does squats. Or perhaps has such high testosterone that she doesn’t need to do squats and her muscles just form of their own accord.

Look at those arms, wew.

Leo has all sorts of perverted intentions, doesn’t he?

By the way, I do recommend Heart of Darkness as one of the only pieces of English literature that isn’t complete shit. I actually went to college for English literature, and I can tell you, none of it is very good. But I have a soft-spot for that one.

But wait, what was I talking about before?

Oh right.

They chose handsome niggers for Black Panther but in feminist films they will only choose disgusting bitches. And that is on purpose. It is part of the feminist thing that they only achieve the objective if men will subject themselves to a totally disgusting woman or women, which is why this foot fungus no-ass dogface is the lead in the latest Marvel lecture and why they chose four disgusting women in Ghostbusters.

If men go to the film because it features an attractive woman, that defeats the purpose of the lecture.

There have obviously already been a bunch of successful movies with stronk female leads that no one ever thought twice about because the lead was attractive.

I even love the Resident Evil movies. It’s not offensive that the lead is a stronk female, because it is just meant to be silly and fun, not a lecture on my white male privilege.

The release of Captain Marvel is a watershed moment. We shall see if America is ready to accept an ugly domineering foot fungus dominatrix as their new mommy.

What I wish is that the comic book bugmen were the other kind of comic book bugmen.

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