“You’re in the Gas Chamber Now,” Says New York Man as He Turns Off Lights on Jewish Co-Worker

Daily Stormer
March 24, 2019

Having a sense of humor is illegal. What this perpetrator man did to his poor Jew woman victim is unforgivable. America, a country made by white males for white males, will not tolerate anti-Semitism in any shape or form despite Jews having nothing whatsoever to do with America itself.

Anti-Europeanism is okay though, obviously. Because something something oppressive white majority and colonialism.

NBC New York:

An upstate New York man has been charged after he turned off the lights in a store’s cooler and told a Jewish co-worker standing inside that she was “in the gas chamber now,” authorities say.

The store’s owner tells the Daily Freeman that Sullivan was fired and the woman has quit.

“You’re in the gas chamber now” has a charming ring to it.

It’s funny, and funny is not allowed here. Funny makes people feel good, and people feeling good is not good for the Jews. They need people to be constantly anxious, depressed and obsessively worried about things that don’t really matter. It makes it easier for them to do their parasite thing unchallenged.

Stock photo of Jew’s “parasite thing.”

Let’s see…

  • You’re not supposed to deny the Hollowcost
  • You’re not supposed to ask inquisitive questions about it either
  • You’re not supposed to disagree with Jews (because it’s literally anti-Semitic)
  • You’re supposed to believe everything the Jews tell you
  • But you’re not supposed to make jokes about anything the Jews tell you

How are we even supposed to have fun with these Jews doing their Jew stuff in our countries?

Are we supposed to watch Netflix and chill?

It’s too late for that.

Whatever the Jewish system has to offer is no longer enough to sedate everyone. People are starting to wake up. Every day, more and more of our young men realize they’ve been living a lie.

Every day, more of our men realize that it’s all just a big lie.

Like drops of water, these young isolated men may look insignificant right now. They may be called lone wolf and outcasts, but also like drops of water, they’ll eventually form a wave.

They’ll eventually form a tsunami that will wash the filth off of our lands.

When that happens, these words will echo in the minds of every Jew on the planet:

“You’re in the gas chamber now.”

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