You’re Not Huwhite! Jared Taylor Dashes Hopes and Dreams of Fareed Zakaria!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2019

Pro-White intellectual Jared Taylor did an hour-long interview recently with Fareed Zakaria from CNN.

In the first five minutes, Fareed claims that he is “technically White,” but that Whites don’t actually exist as a group and that White Supremacy is a problem.

And I’d bet you anything that all that no doubt makes perfect sense in his poo-filled brain.

This kind of Tactical Schizophrenia is hard to catch in the wild, but when you witness it, it is something else indeed. Fareed went into this trying to get a story linking White Nationalism with terrorism – and luckily, Jared Taylor was too smart to fall for his low IQ tricks. Instead, Jared triggered Fareed into rambling on and on about how he was an Aryan and how he resented that he wasn’t as white as Jared and for that – that is, for Fareed to be happy – the entire White Race must die.

In other words, this supposed “fair hearing” interview about White Nationalism ended up being a glimpse into Fareed’s sick, twisted little mind.

“If I can’t be White, no one can!” -t. Fareed

Now, Fareed is famous for basically faking his credentials.

Fitting comfortably into the racist stereotype about how Indians are cheaters who fake their way through life, Fareed has repeatedly been caught engaging in plagiarism. He wasn’t fired from CNN for it because they’re not going to be able to find an Indian who hasn’t done that. And I’m sure that Fareed cheated his way through college as well for that matter – all non-White minorities do.

This is why Fareed doesn’t like the idea that you can do a quick gene swab test to see if someone is White or not.

Because there’s no way to cheat on that test. See, Fareed tries to cling to illusions and lies and very obtuse semantic (read: Semitic) reasoning to try and wriggle and worm his way around the test results that he so fears. Test results that will definitively prove that he is, in fact, not White and that Jared Taylor is.

Naturally, Fareed will deny that he is not White and will refuse to take the gene tests because his ego can’t handle the truth.

But truth be told, he has already failed the only test that matters: winning Jared Taylor’s respect.

Had Fareed behaved himself honorably and given Jared a fair interview as he promised, he would have had “Honorary Aryan” status bestowed upon him, and his soul would have been at peace. Instead, he chose the road of lies, or the street of shitskins, if you prefer. He rejected Jared and the road of truth – the way of Whiteness, if you prefer.

For this was a test of Fareed’s character all along, not Jared’s!

We invited him to come speak with one of our own only to test his huwhiteness in the presence of one of the Istari – Jared Taylor the Huwhite. Few know this, but there are only three wizards alive now that still have the ability to bestow Whiteness, and Jared is one of them.

The other two are Matt Heimbach the Brownshirt and Richard Spencer the Gray. 

Fareed had a chance to prove that he was a man of good character, but he failed miserably, and for that, he is condemned to official NON-WHITE status… forever.