YouTube Nazi PewDiePie Uses Hitler Simulator to Find Origins of Jew Hatreds

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2017

Thanks to advanced scientific technology, YouTube Nazi PewDiePie used a computer simulation to help identify the true origins of Adolf Hitler’s Jew hatreds. Many have wondered if Hitler was right to force six million Jews into fake shower room gas chambers. It looks like we finally have an answer to this question.

Through this complex scientific exercise PewDiePie determined that Hitler was right about the Jews and did nothing wrong.

Bryan Menegus a writer for Gizmodo was none to happy with PewDiePie’s scientific findings. He made several mean spirited comments towards PewDiePie calling him “an absolute dumbass”, “an idiot” and “a petulant doofus”. He even claimed that PewDiePie did not use a real Hitler simulator theorizing that he was playing a game called Conan Exiles. This wild conspiracy theory put forth by Menegus is flat out wrong.

Mengeus is nothing more than an anti-science conspiracy theorist. Everyone knows Hitler was right about the Jews. PewDiePie just used science to prove it and there is no questioning science!