YouTube Now Altering Comments, Forging Fake News Consensus

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

There will come a point in the not-so-distant future when people might stop participating in the rigged online townhall system.

A sense of futility or disillusionment or perhaps simply fear of saying something politically incorrect now or what might become politically incorrect 6 months down the line might deter people from feeling safe enough to participate in discussions and engaging online.

That is to say, mass censorship and bans will lead to problems for Google.

Observant types might start noticing the heavy censorship and the lack of volume in online discussions and start wondering why only a vocal minority is allowed full expression online.

This is a problem if you’re trying to manufacture a consensus and perfect a system of control.

Because observant types might notice that there are people who are simply… missing from the discussion.

And in their minds, the idea that there exists an opposition of some sort somewhere begins to take root. And these observant people might not really be anti-system themselves. But awareness of the fact that there even exists an opposition is… well, problematic.

True control only exists when no one even entertains the idea of an alternative. 

That is why Google cannot just keep relying on heavy-handed bans. Throttling dissident voices isn’t enough. Google must also manufacture the illusion of a consensus.

So, if you won’t comment in the approved way, then Google will simply comment for you.

A new form of advanced auto-correct applied to ideas, not just minor grammatical errors. 

If you type out something that is… incorrect, then Google will take it upon itself to correct your comment for you. Set the record straight, as it were. Preferably once you’ve already moved on to another discussion. Lest you get irrationally offended by Google doing what is objectively for your own good. 

NPCs are already auto-correcting mentally before they speak or before they entertain any ideas.

The problem is non-NPCs who insist on not self-correcting when they’re online.

Google will simply step up and start correcting their thoughts for them. Until a new program is designed to make non-NPCs more compliant with NPC software.