#YouWillNotReplaceUs: Flyers Rustle Jimmies Nationwide

Daily Stormer
May 6, 2017

When will these White people stop insisting on existing?

Do you post flyers?

You should.

And then you should post pics on Twitter in the #YouWillNotReplaceUs hashtag.

It seems to be the single most effective way to upset the normies. This is how snipers would do it, if snipers were in the business of rustling jimmies. And oh, how the jimmies were rustled!


So if you’re not out there posting flyers, I have one question for you: Why are you not out there posting flyers?

We all love shitposting on the internet, but shitposting IRL can be just, as or even more rewarding’

You see, when you post a flyer at a school, these Jews, anti-Whites, and mud people have to deal with the fact that we are everywhere, living in there towns, working in the workplaces, going to the same schools. They suddenly realize that these intolerant fascist neo-nazis are not only everywhere, but moving among them all the time, and they have no idea who they are.

They start asking themselves things like “Could it be that nice White boy who does all the work for us in the geology lab class?”

“Could it be that hot White girl I’m always muhdikking at outside the sorority house?”

“Could it be all these crackers, and they’re just saying they’re not rayciss for the news cameras, while they’re secretly planning to put the chains back on black people, and start forcing them to do the agricultural work after they deport all the Mexicans?”

These are good, albeit stupid, questions for them to ask. because no matter  how stupid the questions (and the question askers, to be frank) are, the answers are all negative for a mud  or a lefty who just wants to feel cozy in it’s academic safe space.

Anti-Whites have become far too comfortable just about everywhere you look, but the college campus is the ultimate playpen for Cultural Marxist scum, and they never cease to shriek and cry and moan and gnash their teeth when they see anything on the topic of race that advocates for anything less than the absolute and total destruction of White people.

And we have been complacent and silent for far too long.

So get out there and show these haters that not only are we still here, and still uncucked, but also that we’re bad, we’re nationwide!

Southern Methodist University (SMU)

St. Mary’s College

Oklahoma City Community College

George Washington University


Nassau Community College

Penn State Harrisburg

Florida International University

And we cannot ever forget Austin, which was hands down the most brilliant fliering to date.

[IMPORTANT EDITOR’S NOTE: I still don’t accept that “flier” and “flyer” are interchangeable. This is America goodmanit, and after all of our ancestors died writing the Constitution, one or the other has to be correct and one or the other has to be incorrect. I am hereby declaring, officially, as the editor of the most important website on the internet that “flier” is the appropriate and correct spelling of the word. Oh but… no… I… guys I just… I can’t… I also feel very strongly that “flyer” should be correct…

Firefox default spellchecker wants “flier.”

But Firefox default spellchecker doesn’t recognize the word “spellchecker.”

So I’m not really sure this is a serious program, if it refuses to recognize the validity of its own existence.

I know we’ve got a lot going on in the movement right now. But flyers – or perhaps I should say “fliers” – are a huge part of what we’ve got going on, and it needs to be decided on how in the bleeding tarnation we’re going to spell this word.

I would also just like to make it 100% clear here that Firefox default spellchecker does not recognize the word “tarnation.”

It wants you to change it to an hyphenated “tar-nation” – a nation of tar.


Perhaps they have a point.

Perhaps, indeed.

-AA] [WAY MORE IMPORTANT EDITOR’S NOTE: Though the spelling of the word flier – or perhaps I should say “flyer” is indeed of the most pressing importance, even more important is the issue of editor’s misusing the editor’s note function – a function clearly intended for the purpose of allowing editors to make editor’s notes – to make nonsensical post-post-Aqua Teen Hunger Force attempts at humor which is supposed to be funny for the explicit reason that it isn’t funny, which is in itself, Jewish.

When we combine this misuse of the editor’s function for opportunistic tactical nihilism disguised as humor which is funny because it isn’t funny with the fact that Anglin has been proven to be a supporter of Christianity, which is a Jewish conspiracy, combined with the fact that he plays video games, combined with the fact that he makes makes jokes and outright denies the historical fact that pre-Christian Rome was run by women, combined with the fact that he fucks gooks, we are faced with the clear and undeniable fact that Anglin himself is a Jew, and should be relieved of his editorial duties on this site.

Anglin has even recently gone so far as to endorse Ron Paul for President in 2020, despite the fact that Ron Paul is a known Jew.

Ron Paul wrote a book with a Jew, he is a Christian, and he plays video games.

Ron Paul may tell the truth about the banking system, and yet, he continues to promote the Jewish lie of NASA.

We need real solutions, and those solutions don’t come from jokes. The first thing we need to do is bring down Christianity, as Hitler instructed.

Instead, Anglin has made women the enemy.

We have to decode the numerology.

-Odinswheel Bloodshield, emergency editor] [Emergency Editor’s Note: Due to recent revalations that I am a Jew, I have made the executive decision turn over all of the site’s passwords to the Asian pedophile Paul Town.

However, due to recent revelations that Paul Town is an Asian pedophile, we’ve decided to turn over management duties of the site to Richard Cohen of the SPLC.

Now, it’s time for a real white nationalist movement to rise up, and send money to Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone’s Patreon accounts.