Zika Spreads as Congress Decides Not to do Anything About It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2016


There is zero scientific evidence to support the racist hate-theory that microcephalics are different in any way than people with normal-sized heads.

The question is, why do racist Republicans want to stop the spread of Zika?

Do they actually believe that people with tiny heads are less than those with normal-sized heads?

Science has already concluded, conclusively, that all humans are exactly the same, no matter what.

But right-wingers have never cared about science. They only care about hatred. Hatred for the color of the skin, hatred for the size of the head, it’s all the same to them as long as they get

Fox News:

As Florida state and local officials scramble to contain a Zika virus outbreak in Miami Beach – a serious threat to the region’s $24 billion-a-year tourism industry — congressional lawmakers from both parties continue to be locked in battle over a billion dollars in vital funding that experts say is needed to keep the virus from breaking out across America.

To underscore that Florida has become the latest “ground zero” in the U.S. mainland battle against the mosquito-borne virus, Republican Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday that there have been five new cases identified in Miami Beach, some involving tourists — while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning Friday that pregnant women should stay out the region. To date, there have been more than 500 reported cases of Zika in the Sunshine State, with 63 reported among pregnant women.

But Miami isn’t the only hard-hit area.

Puerto Rico officials have warned that as many as 270 babies may be born with the severe birth defect known as microcephaly caused by Zika infections in their mothers during pregnancy. As of August 12, Puerto Rico had 10,690 laboratory-confirmed cases of Zika, including 1,035 pregnant women.

In New York City, 49 women have tested positive for Zika since April, and one baby has been born with microcephaly. Federal officials say that there have been 420 Zika cases in the Big Apple. The outbreak has pushed Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio to renew his calls for Congress to pass a significant funding bill.

In February the Obama administration asked for $1.9 billion in order to fight the virus, including funding for vaccine development. A $1.1 billion funding package was proposed in the Senate, but the bill failed after Democrats claimed their Republican colleagues packed the legislation with politically-charged amendments — in particular, a provision that would block the use of $95 million of federal grants to be used to distribute birth control for women in Puerto Rico. Democrats claimed the restrictions were aimed to punish Planned Parenthood, but they also objected to provisions that would loosen restrictions on the use of pesticides.


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Republican racists want more brown people to be born so they have more to oppress.

Shortly after the bill stalled in the Senate in June, Congress broke for summer recess, leaving unresolved the question of Zika funding. Since then, however, the crisis has spiraled. Experts say that with money running out to fight the virus, health officials are resorting to using funds meant for other diseases.

There has been bipartisan agreement in much of Florida’s congressional delegation, with both Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson saying $1.1 billion is not enough, and both have called for Congress to accede to the full $1.9 billion requested by the Obama administration.

The fight places both senators in awkward positions. Rubio has been forced to increase pressure on Republican nominee Donald Trump to be more outspoken about the virus, and has broken from many in his party for calling for such a large dose of federal funding and agreeing with the Obama administration.

The escalating panic over the virus, and fears it may turn into a full blown epidemic in the United States, has slowly turned the issue into a national campaign issue on which there appears to be growing bipartisan consensus for Congress to act — perhaps in part due to Florida’s role as a key swing state.

We know for a fact America is going to be a lot browner in the future.

Why not also with a lot smaller heads?