Zioclops Dan Crenshaw is Going to be at Texas A&M with TPUSA on Monday November 4th

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2019

I mentioned this earlier today, but I just want to make sure everyone gets this: the next Talking Points USA event is not on November 8th at Arizona State University, it is on November 4th at Texas A&M.

And it features the Zionist Cyclops Dan Crenshaw.

We need as many people there as we had at OSU.

Get tickets now, my Texas bros.

This is the biggest battle yet.

If you need a question and you’re not a vet, look around, they’re everywhere. I’m gonna post more before Monday. But we’ve got all kinds of good ones that haven’t been asked yet floating around – and just hammer him on the gay stuff if nothing else, that’s very popular.

But I’ve got some special questions below. 


I know we’ve got a whole bunch of vets down there – you all need to be there to confront this “American hero” on how he wants to send our people out to die for Israel.

I don’t know what the rules are about vets wearing military stuff at political events, but wear whatever it is you’re allowed to wear, even if it’s just a T-shirt representing your branch of the military.

Introduce yourself as a vet, say where you served, get the cheers from the crowd, and then go from there about how all of these wars are for Israel and the USS Liberty.

For example:

Our Southern border is being invaded, and you sent me to [Iraq/Afghanistan] to fight for Israel. What is wrong with American policy that we allow a foreign government to decide where we deploy our soldiers? How much of this policy is shaped by Jews who are more loyal to Israel than America?


Dan, I saw you on Joe Rogan saying that we have to fight them over there so they don’t come over here. You are also a supporter of immigration into the US. My question is, why don’t we follow through with Donald Trump’s promise to ban Moslems from this country, and then we won’t need to fight them anywhere? What are we doing with Moslems in America anyway? They don’t belong here.

If you’re a vet, you don’t even have to ask a question. You can just make a declarative statement of outrage.

When I was fighting in Iraq, I wasn’t fighting for gay rights and anal sex, I was fighting for my historical Christian culture. And it is a gross offense to me and the men I served with, who were good Christian men, for Turning Point USA to be hiding behind the vets while promoting man-on-man anal sex.

If he asks you what your question is, just say:

My question is why are you doing that? This is a Christian country.

And this is a good one:

You says that America is an experimental series of ideas, and that it isn’t a nation of people and land. When me and my company were out there fighting in Iraq, we were fighting for our American brothers and sisters in order to keep them safe. I have been fighting for the land of the great state of Texas, and every other beautiful place in this great country. None of us were fighting for an idea, and you disgrace and insult the men who died in all of America’s wars by telling us that our nation is an idea.

Again, if he asks you what the question is, just say:

My question is why are you doing that? This is America, we’re Americans and this is our homeland.

Those are going to be ultra-powerful clips, you’ll go viral easily and this whole attack from Sebastian Gorka and the rest of these bastards is going to become a lot more difficult.

If we pull this off, then we are just going to be able to accuse these people forever of attacking the vets.

And it won’t just be an accusation, but an absolute fact: these people like Charlie Kirk and Dan Crenshaw think every lad in uniform is nothing more than fodder for their Jewish war machine. And vet questions have a big chance to expose the hypocrisy of their hiding behind vets.