Zionist Publication Attacks Tucker Carlson for Saying White People Can Experience Racism

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2018

Jews are up in arms over an anecdote by a Tucker Carlson guest, who mentioned a wealthy black woman in New York City claiming to be a victim of racism should walk a mile in a white woman’s shows.

There is nothing controversial about this statement. The only women who have to worry about walking down the street and being killed/physically assaulted solely for their race (“knock out game”) are white, with niggers as the usual culprit.

The Center for American Progress, and its Antifa staffed blog ThinkProgress (edited by the Jew Judd Legum), is dedicated to racially exterminating white people while engineering positive publicity for Israel, apparently has a problem with this factual statement.

Think Progress:

On Fox News, Tucker Carlson and another white guy explain how hard it is to be white.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson devoted a segment of his show on Wednesday to criticizing “major websites” for “attacking white people.”

After decrying the alleged “casual racism” in a number of stories published by African-American news and culture site The Root, Carlson interviewed Chadwick Moore, a New York City-based journalist and former liberal who now identifies as a conservative after his September 2016 Out Magazine profile of Milo Yiannopoulos wasn’t well received.

Moore suggested that if black people spent a day in a white person’s shoes, they’d realize that racism isn’t as big of a deal as it’s made out to be.

“If you want to see racism everywhere, if you’re brainwashed to see racism everywhere, or homophobia everywhere, or whatever, then you will,” Moore said. “That’s the world you will live in. You know, I was having a conversation with a woman not too long ago about this — a young, upper middle class black woman. And she was talking about how badly she gets treated here on the street here in New York, and I said to her, ‘What if you lived for one day as a white woman, and you were treated in the exact same way — people were just as rude to you. What then?’”

Carlson responded by indicating he agrees with Moore’s point, saying, “Yeah, it doesn’t make anybody happier to see everything through that lens.”

Regardless of how people are treated on the street, Moore’s comments completely overlooks the role institutional racism in the business world, law enforcement, and the educational system.

This is their party line: a random white person being called a slur and killed by blacks in the street isn’t racist, but some abstract and fallacious explanation for why blacks are in jail at higher rates for rape and murder everywhere in the world is!

That may sound stupid and laughable, but what of it? We can continue reiterating all the proven facts and they will just ignore it.

Even pointing out the fact that the majority of white people don’t want to be replaced by non-whites (shown in every survey) in their land and its happening anyway disproves the institutional racism/white privilege myth.

This isn’t a battle of ideas, it is a war for power between Aryans and Jews.